About Polo Bears

The Polo Bears, as our club is affectionately known, was formed in 1996.

Pine Rivers, Kallangur, and Newmarket Clubs joined together and based the new North Brisbane Water Polo Club, "Polo Bears" at the newly opened Albany Creek Leisure Centre.

The Water Polo Club was one part of an "Aquatic Club" offered by the pool management. The Aquatic Club consisted of Water Polo, Swimming and Tri-athalon. The rationale for combining clubs was to improve the quality of the Brisbane Water Polo competition.

The committee under the direction of Queensland Water polo, encouraged smaller clubs to join together to become the 4 "Super Club" Structure that is operating now in metropolitan Brisbane.

These four clubs were encouraged to field teams in U14, U18, A,B & Grade with men's and women's teams.

Equipment which is still in use for example timing clocks and scoring apparatus were purchased with money received from a Gaming Machine Benefit Fund.


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