Presidents Report

Presidents Report
The last 12 months has been an exciting and busy time for the club, its committee, players, members and wonderful volunteers.
On behalf of the club I wish to thank Phil Pettier and family for the wonderful work and direction he has undertaken in the past three years under his stewardship.
We also thank Michael MacGinley for his efforts in the last three years as one of our two Secretaries.
We wish to thank Maryanne McDougall for her work as Treasurer to the Club.
The club is much stronger because of their work.
To all our Coaches, Managers and umpires and Parents thank you for your tireless work and more importantly your enthusiasm for the club and the sport of water polo.

We wish to thank the following families that have contributed behind the scenes with the administration of the club;
The Milliken family,
The Andrews family,
The Arbon family,
The Smith family,
The Taylor family,
The Trainor family, and I am pretty sure that I may have left others off the list, so please accept my apologies.

We wish to thank the Albany Creek Leisure Centre; under the management of Belgravia and all their staff for the support they have given the club and maintaining the excellent facilities.
We wish to thank Genesis school for the privilege of using their pool and also allowing the Polo Bears introduce water polo to their school. We really hope to grow the sport as part of their sports program.
We thank Queensland Water Polo and Brisbane Water Polo for the administering the sport and providing guidance.

To our Junior and Senior players we thank you for the wonderful spirit in which you have played the game. The friendships and community that you have all assisted in developing is wonderful to see. We should always remember that the game is to have fun whilst striving to be the best player you can be.
The committee has not stopped in its endeavours. We have some wonderful plans in place and the work does not stop to move the club forward. Sometimes these movements are not seen how ever for every little positive change there has been a lot of thought and great deal of work. The more of us that can contribute, even in a small way, makes the club a better place to be for everyone.

I have been at the club for 12 years and every year I enjoy it, because I am assisting and watching you people learn, grow and get better in a safe environment. Each week something wonderful happens in their development, some faster than others, I continue to marvel at their resilience.

Thank you.
Tony Dal Bon
Vice President


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