BWPI Finals Information


Full eligibility reports will be produced and sent to clubs on the week after Round 14 with the athletes who meet the quota to play during the Finals series. Each athlete will have to have played at least half of the season. For example, if the team has played all 14 rounds (no byes) then each player will be required to play a minimum of 7 games. If a team has 1 bye in the competition and has played 13 games, they will still be required to play a minimum of 7 games. Forfeits will be taken into consideration if the teams did not compete at the scheduled time.

Players seeking an exemption will be required to send me the request that I will forward onto BWPI for a decision. If there are questions regarding eligibility of players, this must come from the Team Manager. Calls/emails from parents to the office will not be accepted.

Please be mindful that the eligibility lists won’t be released until after the Round 14 game cards have been put in the system.



Similarly, once the Round 14 results have been entered, I will manually be checking each competition ladder. Please note that if there are teams within the competition that have a different number of games, then the total number of points will be divided by the games. These ladders will confirm the Top 4 places for those who will play the following week in the Semi Final. The document with finalized placings will be sent with the eligibility, so please be patient. The SF structure will be 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3.



If you are lucky enough to have earnt a Premiership at the end of the 2016/17 BWPI season, can I please remind you that all trophies will need to be dropped off at the Valley Pool on the 24th of Feb and/or the 3rd of March. Please drop the trophies to the announcing booth. I will be at the pool from 7.30am-6.15pm (yes, that’s a very long day!).


Finals Schedule

The Semi Final schedule has now been published on the WPQ Website. This can be accessed through the BWPI Tab / Home / BWPI 2017/18 Semi Finals:

A few issues have been raised with BWPI where we are attempting to amend the Grand Final schedule to fit in with various activities on those weekends. The Grand Final Schedule will be published and distributed once it has been finalized.


Table Duty for Finals

Teams will be required to supply table officials for Semi Finals. BWPI will appoint table officials for Grand Finals.

Please do not hesitate to call the office directly if you require any further information, and I thank you for your understanding and patience with the size of this job over the coming weeks.





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